Second Opinion

It is the basic right for all the patients to re-check their treatment program and diagnoses…

Moneta Global US offers second opinion services in cooperation with contracted Universities and with A-class hospitals.

We help to find the right diagnosis and treatment, whether for a minor injury or a serious surgical procedure, for you by our specialists. When you have your diagnostic results, you have so many questions in your mind and you need another expert’s opinion.

The second opinion is a life-changing method. It means you could avoid unnecessary treatment programs and expenses.

When do you need a second opinion?

  • If you have faced a complex, risky, controversial or experimental medical treatment program or difficult treatment decision,
  • If your physician or healthcare institution suggests nonemergency diagnostic or surgery or lab test,
  • If your diagnosis is unclear,
  • If you've been told you have a life-threatening condition,
  • If you have several medical problems,
  • If your treatments or medical tests that vary widely in cost,
  • If your treatment does not respond as expected,
  • If I don’t have the treatment, what happens?
  • What should I do with all treatment, diagnostic results?

Most health insurance corporations expect the second opinion if it is necessary and they compensate for it. But, in some cases, if you don't get a second opinion for a procedure, you may have to pay a higher percentage of the cost.

Need a second opinion, we provide valuable guidance to reach the most accurate treatment and lead to having material benefits by avoiding unnecessary expenses…

No matter where you are... Moneta Global US has experience with a wide range of conditions and we have access to the latest innovations. Thanks to our contracted medical faculties and their hospital to access to their infrastructure that may not be available yet elsewhere.

We provide second opinion services not only for individual patients but also for health damage expenses of corporations as well. All related health expenses of employees are re-checked by our experts and we consult management about all treatment expenses.

In case you need to talk to the physician, you will be able to have video and instant calls…

For further information please contact and consult with us...

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