Online Specialist

There are hundreds of specialists in our network. Via our 7/24 online healthcare counselling, you can make video calls with our contracted specialists and get any information about all healthcare issues, cases for you or your family members.

You have your private doctor. Making a video call with our specialist is only click away from you. You can call from anywhere and at any time.

On our online service, you can fix your appointment with our contracted specialist for a video call whenever you request. As considering the statements with your data, our specialists evaluate your case and share his / her opinion. Another appointment is set up with some more medical reports if it is necessary and the follow-up process starts.

Our contracted specialist doctor may also require a physical examination to talk in detail.

With online counselling;

  • Consultation with our specialists whenever you want and wherever you are,
  • Get medical advice about your case and your complaint,
  • Get the right specialist considering your case, avoiding unnecessary consultation and operations,
  • Right solutions for your health at once,
    Find out which branch or specialist you need and if it is to be considered necessary to consult another specialist, set up your appointment or all your organization inc. transportation,
  • Avoid to unnecessary diagnostics, exams and their expenses,
  • Save your time,
  • Register to our system, keep your medical data in Moneta Global UD Med-data Server and you can access anytime,

For further information please contact and consult with us.

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For further information please contact and consult with us...

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