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Our online psychologist service allows you to contact our psychologists to find an impressive solution for your cases. Connect 121 with a Psychologist...

Psychological needs are the reality of our business and private life.

An on-line psychologist values your life struggles. We face many challenges, difficulties and obstacles in our daily life. Usually, we face these difficulties or ignore them, or we try to resolve them with our own efforts. This is no different than sweeping our problems under the rug.

Therefore, all these problems, which are imprisoned in our subconscious, will always appear again and again and reduce our quality of life.

Another case is the time pressure in our business and /or family life that we can not stop the time. Psychological support is evaluated, positioned as a luxury treatment because of the financial burdens. Moneta Global US offers you this opportunity with our psychologists.

It is a secure opportunity to have support from a psychologist. Ferret out together the forms and the solutions for your cases via professional on-line counselling and experienced psychologists as 100% anonymous and secure.

You can make video calls from anywhere and at any time, or you can have one-on-one sessions. So, you keep and save your time.

What if your psychologist had a click away from you? Along with the possibility of video or telephone calls from anywhere, anytime?

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