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Diet should not be perceived only as attenuation…

Diet is not only a personal nutrition program, but it is also an exercise program too and food restriction increases emotional distress. Only focusing on weight loss causes to worse health problems.

The rate of return to the same weight of people who lose weight with diet is 95% in 5 years if the diet plans should not be care with personal exercise programs.

Nutrition is very important in following the diagnosis of

  • obesity,
  • diabetes, and
  • hypertension

in our Chronic Disease Management Program and Moneta Global US’s on-line Nutritionist addresses a variety of nutrition-related problems.

Our nutritionists evaluate your health data, prepare the diet and exercise program, follow the desired your weight and health, guide to healthy living, manage your special needs through a healthy approach to eating habits and to your overall lifestyle, include anything from weight loss to managing gastrointestinal disorders,to improve the dietary habits for enhanced sports performance

Moneta Global US, with the online nutrition program, aims to keep the patient healthy and achieve the goal of the personal nutrition program perfectly.

For further information, please contact and consult with us.

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For further information please contact and consult with us...

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