Medical Tourism

We are proud to be able to offer our special contracts as a network with the most experienced physicians and hospitals as ''your health ambassador in Turkey’’.

Our sister company Moneta Global Health, provides services based on international health tourism in Turkey for both domestic and international locations where health services are requested cannot be provided in time and quality, and in accordance with special requests regarding the treatment of the patient.

We are proud to be able to offer our special contracts with;

  • the best and internationally accredited Turkish medical centers and hospitals,
  • well-known affiliated hospitals with the top international medical providers,
  • the hi-tech equipped medical centers and hospitals,
  • the most experienced physicians and surgeons,

As your "health ambassador in Turkey", Moneta Global US is responsible for you and your family to provide full healthcare services in high quality with affordable care in Turkey.

Turkey, known as " the cradle of civilization'' hosted the first human settlement on its soil, which has been dated as 12,000 years old and is also the home of ancient cultures, including the Hittites, Phrygians, Urartians, Lycians, Lydians, Ionians, Persians, Macedonians, Romans, Byzantine's, Seljuks and Ottomans. Following the decline of the Ottoman Empire, the modern Republic of Turkey was founded in 1923 by Mustafa Kemal, known as Ataturk.

Turkey's mild climate allows sunshine to warm you up for the most part of the year as you lie on your beach chair or as you swim in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean and has gorgeous sandy beaches along its Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Sea coasts. Turkey is a country with captivating culture and history, warm friendly people and a pleasant climate with refreshing breezes from the Aegean and easily accessed by all airlines coming directly from almost all countries.

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Both public and private healthcare centers' number has been growing strongly in Turkey; the total number of the healthcare centers is about 2.800, the number of beds is about 250.000 with hi-tech medical structure as an integral part of modern diagnostic procedures, laser surgical instruments, computerized monitoring systems and other life-saving & pain-relieving devices.

Most hospitals in Turkey have English-speaking doctors and medical staff that are certified by such official associations as the Turkish Medical Association and other specialized associations.

Considering the ''treatment cases '', Moneta Global US selects best ones through our contracted medical centers and physicians in Turkey.

Healthcare High standards of health services, top-quality medical technology, modern hospital facilities, well-experienced physicians in Turkey contribute to the country's high healthcare standards and healthcare issues have never left the public agenda. Most of the hospitals have local and international accreditation including the JCI (Joint Commissions International), JACHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations), ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and have the affiliations with Western medical groups and facilities too.

Close cooperation between medical research institutions and industry has led to significant progress in the development of special medical types of equipment, laboratories are backed up by CAT, advanced microcomputer-supported devices and treatments of the critical situations are being interesting cases in the world.

Why people choose Moneta Global US for their healthcare?

  • Because of our values; Our ethics; integrity, professionalism and sensitivity,
  • Our approach; assist to our patients, case by case as considering their treatments, guide them to decide the best center &physician among all the facilities,
  • Our solutions; our commitment to give excellent and innovative services,
  • Our productivity; providing cost-effective services,
  • Our pride; in serving our clients and patients,
  • Our contracted medical centers and physicians; with high-tech medical infrastructure, internationally experienced physicians and surgeons, quick access to well known, best-equipped hospitals,
  • Close relations with well-known doctors and surgeons,
  • Quick turn back the questions,
  • All-inclusive medical procedures,
  • VIP patient assistance throughout the medical travel process,
  • Secure patient file transfers,
  • Assigning an International Patient Coordinator,
  • No language barriers and reduced risk of communication errors,
  • Transportation and accommodation arrangements,

'As your health ambassador’ and taking in to account our values,

we provide a full range of services to your treatments...

For further information please contact and consult with us...

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