Medical Coaching

Now you have a health coach. Moneta Global US Medical Coaching services are designed to assist you in achieving personal wellness with healthy and quality life...

Specialist physicians of Moneta Global US Medical Coaching Service review and evaluate all of your medical data and reports, develop an action plan related to personal follow up program;

  • not only for the diseases,
  • for the nutrition, weight management, physical activity, tobacco cessation and stress management as well

to provide you healthier life by the necessary medical follow-up system and discipline.

What can we do?

  • Discover new healthcare perspectives and relevant treatment resources,
  • Integrate core values and life vision into medical treatment,
  • Set relevant and responsible goals in your treatment process both mentally and physically,
  • Clear trauma-related by a medical crisis,
  • Clear anxiety by a medical crisis,
  • Provide emotional support,

Moneta Global US’s specialists help you find the tools and skills you need to reach your health goals. We develop and successfully implement;

  • a tailor-made,
  • an affordable,
  • an evidence-based,
  • a technology-enabled,
  • a data-driven,
  • an outcomes-oriented, and
  • a comprehensive,

health coaching program.

In case you need to talk to the physician, you will be able to have video and instant calls…

For further information please contact and consult with us...

You can reach us via our call center line 7/24 +1-212-764-44-35 or