Medical Assistance

Moneta Global US cares about the profitability of corporations, healthcare insurance establishments, funds, foundations and banks within different health insurance strategies and implementations as their "healthcare assistant department"...

Taking into account quality of services and without sacrificing quality, Moneta Global US acts as a ‘’healthcare assistant department’’ of  corporations and healthcare insurance establishments, produces cost-effective solutions for both corporations and policyholders, analyzes  company's healthcare decisions, supports executive decision-making process, reports with its own Moneta Digital Healthcare Platform;

  • provides all healthcare requirements for corporations and their employees to support the system, control expenses and to audit healthcare budgets,
  • analyzes pre-renewal agreements for health insurance policies of corporations to ensure and to keep their rights, offers cost reduction measures as considering the quality of services at the renewal period on the fair-minded base,
  • takes into consideration the healthcare preferences of employees,
  • provides more appropriate services through special agreements with insurance companies,
  • has online healthcare counselling platform for Specialist, Nutritionist and Psychologist,
  • arranges appointments reminders via its online call platform; +1-212-764-44-35 
  • organizes all transport logistics for treatments to contracted offices, hospitals, laboratories, imaging centers, etc.
  • has special agreements with insurance groups for private healthcare insurance and healthcare institutions,
  • has an infrastructure for monitoring chronic diseases,
  • has an online expert interview service to organize an online medical consultation process,
  • has on-site or contracted healthcare facilities in the workplace or at home, provides all treatment processes on the-site or in contracted institutions required by the doctor,
  • provides additional healthcare services such as workplace safety, occupational medicine, certificate of employment, periodic scans, etc. on-site or in health institutions,
  • provides services such as laboratory, imaging, guest specialist, medical training, recruitment, contracts with health institutions,
  • provides on-site doctor,

In order to keep down and decrease the burning costs, Moneta Global US sets up the systems to increase the profitability of healthcare insurance establishments with different strategies, which positively affect the satisfaction of policyholder and create the loyalty, provides solutions and competitive advantages to insurance companies in many areas;

  • Call Center; via experienced and skilled healthcare professionals, supported by its own software, operates 24/7, organizes all healthcare insurance services inc. transfers, provision processes, provide damage analysis, reports and digital management,
  • Online Service; via specialists and physicians, helps and guides to patients to get the fundamental healthcare services as  considering the burning costs and savings,
  • Online Specialist; in our online platform, evaluates and analyses with a single click and get a second opinion,
  • Online Nutritionist; in our online platform, prepares a special diet and exercise program by evaluating the health data of the policyholders, follows all process and ensures to achieve the desired health, if the insurance policies  cover,
  • Online Psychologist; in our online platform, helps, guides and organizes the sessions for all related cases with a single click if the insurance policies cover,
  • Doctor Network; consist of hundreds of contracted physicians and specialist, assists and prevents unprocessed operations, eliminates unnecessary expenses. All patient transfers are organized with VIP vehicles to the contracted specialists, the diagnostic results and recommended methods are checked by Moneta,
  • On-site Lab; provides great convenience to the policyholders that all required tests are done on-site and protects unnecessary expenses,
  • Second Opinion; facility within "Moneta Digital Health Platform" allows to check and to confirm the procedures applied by other specialists in order to ensure not to pay unnecessary costs and to provide the most accurate treatment plan,
  • Medical Coaching; department reviews all medical data, counsels and follows-up all treatment processes of the policyholders to secure the treatment procedures and the cost too,
  • Chronic Disease Follow-Up; system monitors and evaluates chronic diseases such as COPD, diabetes, hypertension, etc. Researches about expenditures on the healthcare insurance show that if these diseases are not followed regularly, it creates extra costs to the insurance companies,
  • Provision Management; is organized by the experienced medical and administrative team and supported by Moneta’s special program to provide health management for all insurance processes, from policy premiums to renewal processes. It contributes to the total health costs by considering the non-scientific treatments,

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You can reach us via our call center line 7/24 +1-212-764-44-35 or