Investment Consultancy

We do enable investors to allocate their capital to healthcare investments by providing effective integrated services and solutions...

Moneta Global US provides different types of healthcare investment consultancy services nationally and internationally for;

  • institutional investors
  • private investors
  • funds
  • public authorities
  • PPP arrangements
  • developers
  • family business

We counsel in setting and implementing strategies for successful healthcare investment endeavors in such competitive market conditions and implement impact and sustainable development investing strategies. As caring about financial goals and expectations, Moneta Global US manages and executes the healthcare projects in the most effective and efficient manner with its know-how to serve the commercial strategies and their implementation.

We ensure investment strategy and implementation services for investors and healthcare corporations considering;

  • investment policy statement
  • integration of investments
  • sources using effectively
  • scalable impact strategies
  • carry out measurement
  • reporting, monitoring and review processes

and, provide the healthcare consultancy services in all stages of investment and management processes in the following scopes;

  • market and feasibility studies
  • project management & policy interpretation
  • merger studies
  • architectural planning, drawing and design
  • construction
  • franchising & leasing
  • technical service agreements
  • appraising and valuing
  • interpretation of third-party reports
  • service and product line developments
  • opportunity development and analysis

Moneta Global US answers of the following questions and examines in detail;

  • How is the market structure?
  • Where do we want to go?
  • What are our objectives?
  • Where will be our position?
  • What will be our position?
  • How do we want to go?

Our goal is to overcome, implement and execute all of our projects within integrated structure and discipline.

For further information please contact and consult with us...

You can reach us via our call center line 7/24 +1-212-764-44-35 or