Moneta Global US ensures reaching right, fast, quality and affordable health services. You have a solution, where you can consult both your treatment and medical procedures, get coaching in health and access your old health reports...


We make sure you reach the right, fast, quality and affordable healthcare services;

  • What is my illness?
  • Is this a health problem?
  • Can I make a video call to the doctor instantly?
  • Can I talk to a specialist doctor with a video?
  • Which branch doctor should I go to?
  • Can I make an appointment?
  • Can I learn the nearest health institution and physician?
  • Can I get a transfer service?
  • Can I have an examination at my home or at work?
  • How do I get another idea about my treatment as a second opinion?
  • How much do I pay?
  • Does my insurance cover me?
  • What should I pay attention to my health while I go abroad?
  • Which hospital in which country is the best for my illness? How can I go and set up my appointment?
  • Can I ask my doctor for my examinations?
  • How can I get some more information about diagnostics?

You can have countless personal healthcare questions.


Moneta Global US offers full healthcare services on-site or in contracted healthcare centers. As your health coach, we review and evaluate all of your medical data and reports, develop an action program for your personal healthcare.

As Moneta Global US, we develop digital healthcare technologies. A full telemedicine system is installed on our platform to serve our patients for constant follow up on their health and to keep their medical reports.

Moneta Global US provides the transfer services between your home and our contracted hospitals, laboratories, diagnostic & imaging centers and organizes all travel arrangements.

In case you need to talk to the physician, you will be able to have video and instant calls.

For further information please contact and consult with us...

You can reach us via our call center line 7/24 +1-212-764-44-35 or