Doctor Network

Moneta Global US has hundreds of assigned physicians and JCI Accredited health care institutions...

Moneta Global US has hundreds of contracted doctors and JCI accredited health institutions. Our experienced/reliable experts/academic doctors provide quality service for medical and surgical procedures.

Moneta Global US's assigned provider network consists of carefully selected and reliable, up-to-date accredited healthcare institutions, treatment centers and physicians.

Moneta Global’s medical team checks each medical file and discusses the medical status of patients with branch physicians in contracted institutions and you are able to reach the most accurate diagnosis and treatment by deciding on the diagnosis - treatment and additional paperwork requirements.

These network physicians will also inform you about additional examinations that can be carried out after the treatment process where the patient's medical condition is located. Moneta Global US organizes a video call between our patients and specialists during all the treatment stages as considering the diagnostic results which are controlled by the Moneta Medical Team.

Moneta Provision Centre communicates with insurance companies faster and monitors all paperwork requirements, provision of medical disputes on behalf of our patients who have private health insurance.

Moneta Global US has all VIP transport services for the patients and their companions as well.

In case you need to talk to the physician, you will be able to have video and instant calls.

For further information please contact and consult with us...

You can reach us via our call center line 7/24 or +1-212-764-44-35 or