Moneta Global US provides all kinds of health care investment & business development & management consultancy services for investors, corporations, healthcare centers and for companies’ employees...


Whether you are looking to invest in the markets or to optimize or to re-organize your organization, Moneta Global US assists and engages at every step, helps the healthcare establishments and investors to build an effective, successful and sustainable business.

We help investors, funds and healthcare corporations on a full spectrum of strategy, mergers and acquisitions. Our team brings a diverse and collaborative spirit to every engagement.

Our global healthcare experience and knowledge enable us to support investors, healthcare organizations and corporations in both developed and emerging markets through our tailor-made approach and solutions.

Our medical assistance services set up effective insurance policies and implementations for both insurance companies and corporations to increase profitability, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

We care and focus on integrated healthcare process and structure, and believe that;

the discipline of integrated healthcare services touches every point in the corporation as Nerve Endings in a human body, they work as an integrated system which not only detects all stimulants and conducts appropriate signals to the brain, but also creates the most appropriate and logical response... 

Our key competencies are;

  • our professional team who has experience in different countries on the healthcare investments and business within the institutional structure
  • our seasoned professional worldwide network on the healthcare
  • our collaboration and cooperation with key and strong healthcare players
  • our approach focusing on the return of the investments with a positive impact
  • our relations with the institutional investors
  • our capability to access to databases of the healthcare investment funds


Our approach is to position healthcare corporations we serve as the most preferable centers by reaching target groups and setting up loyalty together with their;

  • physicians
  • medical team
  • administrative team
  • support team
  • technical infrastructure
  • services

and consider the evaluation of the project at each step.


Corporate Services-1


Moneta Global US focuses and considers 3 below mentioned frameworks in the operation & communication processes under the umbrella of corporations’ ‘’corporate philosophy &identy’’ in its projects to create the patient experience which we believe that is the most powerful marketing fact in the healthcare;

  • corporate image,
  • strategic management, and
  • strategic management, 

For further information please contact and consult with us...

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