Moneta Global US is a healthcare consultancy firm that was founded by a dynamic and innovative team in 2011 as a sister company of Moneta Assistance and Moneta Health.

It globally specializes in B2B and B2C market assessments to give integrated healthcare services to healthcare organizations, healthcare investors, insurance companies and the patients. 

Comprising of a specialist team in healthcare, Moneta Global US evaluates, develops and executes tailor-made solutions in order to protect business value, performs effective solutions while creating sustainable results, prevents unmeasured risks for corporations and assist patients as their ambassador in the healthcare centers.

Looking at the healthcare business sector as integrated from different sights; as an investor, an economist, a physician, a scientist or an engineer, a manager, as well as a patient and the clients of insurance corporations, Moneta Global US finds out the optimal solutions in multidisciplinary structure by identifying ideal strategies and methods.


Moneta Global US focuses on individual patients to assist them to take their medical control as well. Special contracts with the best healthcare centers and exclusive agreements with the well-known insurance corporations of Moneta Global US, provide the best healthcare services for the patients too.

Moneta Global US is proud of working with well-known international innovative corporations. It gives us confidence and a high-tech working environment. In addition to our core team of healthcare industry experts, Moneta Global US builds up a number of key strategic partnerships both local and global to run the best solutions.

We are proud to set up a co cooperation and collaboration with Vasconi Architectes, which established in Paris in 1973 and has international offices in Berlin – Luxembourg - Hong Kong, for the architectural plannings, drawings, designs and constructions of our projects.

We produce profitable professional individualized and tailor-made solutions to build a more productive, unique and healthy structure without compromising service quality, willing to share our know-how in the value-added healthcare projects.

Our Mision

To provide, generate, implement, create, organize and manage the effective tailor-made healthcare solutions for the healthcare corporations, investors and dedicated to being an "ambassador of the patients’’ for their healthcare & medical services with a dynamic and healthcare professionals who combine up-to-date industry knowledge and practical international experience.

Our Vision

In line with our values, specifications, talent and capacity to be a trusted, respected, admired health care partner, to provide high value and preventative health care services in the communities we serve, to facilitate access to services by expanding financial guarantees for the healthcare services and to be the leading healthcare service provider by defining the industry quality standards through effective innovative service delivery models & solutions.